Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend Winddown...

Another holiday has come and gone... somehow this year I just let Easter creep up on me and before I knew it there was only two days left to decorate before the Holiday was here!! Ohhh Boy!! The things I get myself into...I used the norm. moss bunny on a stick and then attempted to make my own speckled eggs that I've seen everywhere on blogtown and I think next time I will buy the eggs :) Heres a few pics of the decorations I threw up and then had to take back down not even a week later ha I did learn my lesson.. better late than never right??

Heres my eggs before I speckled them..

and after the speckling (remind me to not attempt to do this at 2am again :))
Check out CraftySisters and see the right way to make beautiful eggs

I bought this wreath not to long ago on Clearance at Micheals and I just felt it needed something a little more
Im all about some big wreaths so....

Grapevine wreath to the rescue!! I think it looked so much better and all I did was take a small piece of twine and tied the two wreathers together...

These were my very quick (oops I forgot to decorate) table settings

Along with the table centerpiece and my speckled eggs..

as for the living room I just threw eggs wherever I could fit them... on the coffee table

and in the Apothecary Jars...

and last but not least we cant forget

The moss bunnies on a stick
(these were all the rave last year ;)

oh theres another one :)

and last but not lease I thought I'd share with you this little cutie, my niece Gabby

She's such a good sport, and by now she knows that when she comes to her aunties house, she will have something ridiculous on her head and lots of pictures taken :)

Hope you all had a FABULOUS Easter!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show and Share :)

Birthday Celebration Wreath

Heres my first shot as a giveaway (wish me luck) I lovee crafts! I mean Im a craft junkie! So when it came time for my little nieces 6th birthday party I just knew I needed something to spruce up the front door of my brothers house.. so my mind went to spinning and I decided on a birthday wreath.... not out of the ribbon like I've seen on some blogs but out of BALLOONS!! (Boy am I a genius :)

I started off with a dollar tree styrofoam wreath and cut it so I could wrap rubberbands around the entire wreath (I used around 40 rubberbands) ... after the rubberbands were placed I hotglued the wreath back together and started my transformation with balloons (150 to be exact)

I took the balloons in groups of 4 random colors and placed them under a rubberband and continued to do so until the wreath was full...

After attachin all the ballons I took the pipecleaners and wrapped them around the wreath once and twisted it tight and took the rest of the cleaner and wrapped it around my finger to make a spiral design and did this randomly around the wreath (I thought it looked super cute like this)

Next I simply decorated with party favors and birthday stickers and the rest is history.. I want to make several more with maybe a little more favors added, however, my time was very limited and the favors and stickers I used I just had on hand...and a little ribbon up top and you have yourself a very adorable wreath!

Now hope on over to Just A Girl for show & share... :), and V and Co for her link me party



Lets give this a try :)

So after months & months of stalking in the blogworld .. I thought I would give it a try myself :) I have fallen in love with sooo many blogs out there I can hardly keep track of them all now.. so hopefully I will stay devoted to this and continue to keep everyone up with our daily journies, craftiness and my loving family :)

Stephanie (Now I need to learn how to make one of those swanky signatures everyone out there uses ;)