Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thank You Good Housekeeping!!!

No I'm not thanking my housekeepers for their good work (as if I could afford a good housekeeper ha) but have you seen this months issue of the Good Housekeeping magazine?? They have fabulous July 4th crafts and decorating ideas... one being this beautiful, easy to do wreath on the front door...

I just had to have one for our front door, although we will be in the Bahamas celebrating!!! I went to the dollar tree and picked up a styrofoam wreath and bought the American flag toothpicks at partycity, I had to buy 4 packs for the 14" wreath and they ended up being $3 a box, a little more than I wanted to pay but that was the only place I could find them, and a roll of ribbon I had left over from another project...

This was probably the easiest wreath I've ever made I basically just cut the ribbon and made a bow to attach to my wreath hanger...and stuck the flags in the wreath randomly..

I stuck them upside down and all around..

and here is the finished product....voila!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th!!