Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bridal Shower on a Budget :)

Wow I've been behind!!! My best friend is getting married this Saturday and I've been caught up in all that jazz :) I helped throw her a bridal shower back in April, and I was in charge of decorations. We had it at a country club and since those prices were so steep I knew I needed to make whatever I could and as cheap as possible!!!

I made these super cute centerpieces out of a large green bean can and about a 1/4th roll of navy yarn and my super, duper hot glue gun...

I pretty much just took the yarn and wrapped and hot glued and wrapped and hot glued and wrapped and hot glued and well you get the point..... and I continued to do so until I got to this point...

I then took some white ribbon and hot glued it around the middle of the can.. like so..

and finished it off with the bride-to-be's soon to be last initial... and pasted onto fuchsia card stock

and a close up of the flowers because that last picture didnt do them justice!!

for favors I bought these cute little bags from the dollar tree (12 in a pack) and pretty much just hot glued and pasted like I did the centerpiece.. sorry no tutorial but its pretty much self explanatory and cheap, cheap, cheap :)

they were used for our miniature candy buffet....

I bought these super cute frames at the dollar store and just spray painted them blue and the others I just left white, they turned out cute and I put their engagements pictures in as well as framing her shower invitation... I got a great deal on the invitations at Michael's, they were normally $30, but I used a half off coupon, and got 30 invites for $15... it also came with thank you notes for the bride to use..... here are some close ups..

the votives I got at walmart for .50 each and just hot glued the ribbon and tied a bow..

These badboys came from Sams Club.... let me tell you they are the BEST cupcakes ever and you can get 30 for $13!! I added the pink sprinkles and I got the cupcake liners off of Etsy.

The wonderful food...

here is her gift from me.. I bought a bunch of offs and ends of her registry and wrapped it in the basket.. then went to the dollar store and bought the white frame and put the scrapbook paper I used for another project below in the frame and hot glued the tongs and wrapped with ribbon and I found the B monogram at Michael's for $1... it was bright orange so I spray painted it, I think it will be super cute in their kitchen maybe on their window.. or a key hook...

I found this idea on, and went to hobby lobby and bought 12 x 12 scrapbook paper and trimmed them down to fit into my printer.. and I printed off these cute little "words of wisdom" for the guest to write for the bride... super easy, super cheap!!

I know this was like the worlds longest blog... but I was so excited to share everything with you, stay tuned for next week!!! I am planning my father-in-laws 60th birthday, and we are throwing him a surprise luau and I have sooo many great ideas!!!!