Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Bow Affair...

Wow, I can't believe its been over a month since I last posted! July flew by with our Cruise, Birthdays, and my new job!!! I have had time to be a little crafty, but not much.. and with my father in laws 60th birthday party around the corner.. there will be many more projects and alot more blogging!!

This will be a two part blog....With 5 nieces I've gotten the hang of making cute bows and outfits for them all. This is a very fast tutorial on how to make the headband I made for my niece Gabbys first birthday photo shoot that I did with her this past weekend.. Boy was she cute!!

Everything in this photo I bought from Hobby Lobby (love, love, LOVE that store).. The headbands are normally .99, flower stems .99 and the gems were 3.99 a pack, hair clips were 1.99 a pack ..and the roll of ribbon about 1.99.. have in mind all of these were 50% off when I bought them.. thats one good thing about Hobby Lobby you don't ever have to have a coupon and its always on sale :)

Start by pulling the stem off the flower....they should come detached very easy..

Then, remove the center part of the flower.....

I like using two different colors to add dept to the bow and make them more fun...

Be sure to glue each layer of flower to one another, and then glue the gem into the center of the flower...

Take the ribbon and hot glue around the clip (I find that its easier on the girls heads rather than leaving it without the ribbon, but its simply your choice)

After your finished with the clip, glue it to the back of the flower and as gabby would say "TA DA" you have a beautiful little flower, and its now your choice to attach it to the band or just clip it in their hair!!

Easy, Fast & Cheap, my kind of project!!!

I'll leave you with a picture of Miss Gabby and one of the photos I took at Bicentennial Gardens in Greensboro, tomorrow I will do the tutorial on the tutu, and should you the Abby caddaby invitations I made for her party on Microsoft Publisher!! Sooo Cute!!